Are you using email marketing to retain your dental practice’s client base? This is a great tool for keeping up with customers new and old in a highly targeted and affordable way.

Keep reading for some tips that can help you create an email marketing strategy that will boost your client retainment this year. Keep your clients in the loop with these tips and tricks on email marketing for dentists.

Build a Strong Subscriber List

The first step to building a winning email marketing strategy is to get permission from your patients to start collecting their emails. Gather email subscriptions offline by collecting new client’s emails in your new patient paperwork and asking them if they’d be interested in signing up for your newsletter updates. You can also build a subscription forum or pop up into your website that can encourage website visitors to submit their emails for your newsletters.

As you continue building your subscriber list, you may consider segmenting your subscribers into groups. This will allow you to create content that targets specific client types.

For example, a loyal patient that has been consistent in visiting your office may need to receive much different content than a client who hasn’t visited your office in years. This will allow you to send reminders to patients that it’s due time for their next cleaning or checkup.

Welcome New Subscribers

As you add new subscribers to your list, you should make a strong welcome email that you send out to each new subscriber after they sign up. This is the best way to win over your patients from the very first email they receive from you. Make your welcome email brief but full of personality, using inviting images of you, your staff or happy patients.

Optimize for Mobile

Once you’ve got a growing subscriber list and your creating great email content, you will want to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. This is a mistake many marketers make when creating email campaigns. With so many people checking their emails via smartphone, making your email content mobile-friendly is a must.

This will allow your subscribers to read and engage with your curated emails no matter what device they’re using. Make sure your emails are not only easy to read and navigate on mobile but that they have a quick loading time. Test your emails across multiple devices and work to make sure that the emails are easy to skim and have a clear call to action button that invites your subscribers to book an appointment, find out more about a special offer, or learn more about a new service you’re offering.

Top Tips on Email Marketing for Dentists

If you aren’t already using email marketing to keep in touch with your patients, you should. This is a great way to reach out to clients new and old to build brand recognition, loyalty and trust. Make sure you stay on your client’s mind by integrating some of these tips on email marketing for dentists into your marketing strategy today.

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