Are you trying to find the right marketing magic to attract patients?

Here are some stats to chew on: 77% of patients use Google to find treatment, and Pew Research found that 80% of people search for health-related topics online.

What does this mean for your dental practice?

It’s time to leverage the power of Google to increase appointment bookings and healthy smiles.

Learn more about SEO for dentists and the latest tips for landing on the first page of Google!

What Defines Excellent SEO for Dentists?

What is SEO anyway?

SEO simply means “search engine optimization,” and it’s one of the oldest and most trusted online marketing methods.

SEO also has a 14.6% conversion rate than direct mail and print advertising, which only converts at 1.7%. Good conversion rates land between 2% to 5%, which means SEO conversions are nearly 3X higher than most marketing methods!

Every industry is unique, and there isn’t a set SEO formula for every business. A dental practice requires a different SEO marketing strategy than a local fashion boutique. Marketers use expertise, data, and marketing tools to customize SEO strategies for each business.

Great dental SEO shows in the results. Your practice should get more phone calls, new patients, reviews, and website traffic. Excellent SEO should improve your online presence tenfold.

The potential is there, but how do you put SEO into practice?

Become a Trusted Dental Authority Online

Remember how 80% of people use search engines to research health topics? This is an exciting opportunity for you to position yourself as a dental authority online.

As a dentist, you already have the credibility. A dental blog is a double win because you boost your authority and online rankings in one swoop. Google loves high-quality, updated content. With every click, your Google rankings improve.

Blogging is a type of content marketing, and SEO and content marketing work hand-in-hand to drive clicks and rankings. A dental marketer can also implement a link building strategy to increase your positioning even more.

Dental Keyword Research

A dental blog also lets you leverage search phrases for your benefit. Potential clients type searches into search engines to find local dentists. Dental marketers call these search phrases “keywords.”

Marketers use data analytics to research the best keyword opportunities for dentists; this process is called keyword research. Next, marketers optimize website code, website copy, and blog posts with targeted keywords.

Optimization is essential for grabbing the attention of search engine spiders. These spiders crawl your website to index your web pages into Google. Marketers also use strategic backlinks to push your web pages to the first page for every given keyword.

Organic vs. Paid SEO

Website optimization and content marketing are examples of organic SEO; the goal is to show up in organic search engine results.

Dentists also benefit from paid SEO practices, like Google Adwords. These search ads appear above organic Google results to drive website traffic, awareness, and appointments.

Patients can even call your dental practice directly from the search ad!

Discover the Benefits of Dental SEO

Are you ready to grow your practice’s online presence? Refer to this guide as you weigh your marketing options. Discover the benefits of high conversion rates, increased authority, and first-page Google rankings.

We want to help you become the #1 dental practice online. Contact us to learn more or get started on your SEO strategy today!

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