Dental offices often ignore their online dental marketing. Why would they need to have a strong social media presence if they’re an essential service?

And yet, with so many dental offices being present in most towns and cities across the country, you’ve got some major competition. Social media marketing for dentists can help your practice get the attention that it needs to bring in new clients.

But how do you get started? After all, as a dentist, marketing probably isn’t your area of expertise.

We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn all about social media for dentists.

Pick Your Platforms

Different social media platforms are popular amongst different demographics.

Who are you trying to reach?

If you have a certain age group in mind, opting to work harder on your dental advertising on the right platform may net you better results. Then again, some platforms are better than others for dental practices.

Something like Twitter that doesn’t rely on a visual element won’t be as effective as Instagram or Facebook. Facebook is more popular amongst older people, and it’s more “professional” while Instagram leans younger but has a greater ability to extend your reach and get more client interaction.

You can focus your energy on more than one platform, but make sure you know posting etiquette and best practices for each.

Utilize Hashtags and Location Tags

When you’re using Instagram, hashtags and location tags are everything.

Location tags are the easiest, so we’ll start there. You have options, and you should use each of them until you decide what’s best for you and your practice.

You can tag your business so that people who are already aware of you can find you on a map, but if you’re trying to get more traffic, you can tag your city or a popular landmark nearby. This will help people who are looking for dentists in the general area.

Hashtags should be relevant. For example, if you’re a dentist in Colorado, you’ll be putting the standard ones like “dentist,” but you’ll also be using things like “ColoradoDentists.” Don’t overwhelm your followers; use hashtags sparingly.

Content Is Key

It can be helpful to hire someone to make your social media content, but you can also use photos from your practice that make you look more personable. This can include photos from “behind the scenes,” employee profiles, and anything else that lets your clients “connect.”

For a cohesive social media presence, try to have a consistent brand voice across platforms. You want content that’s both visually engaging and personable. You can even post videos for more views and engagement!

Repost Client Photos

If you want to connect with your clients, reposting their photos in your stories is a great way to show your appreciation for them. After all, everyone loves some recognition.

For example, if your client tags your practice after getting a teeth-whitening, you can show off their pearly whites on your own page. It lets the rest of your clients know what good work you do!

Social Media Marketing for Dentists Is More Important Than You Think

Digital marketing for dentists shouldn’t be neglected. If you want to gain more clients and connect with the ones you have, having a strong social media presence is so important.

If you’re in need of help with your digital marketing, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in social media marketing for dentists, so you don’t have to. Visit our site and contact us so we can learn how we can help you.

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