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Social media marketing can be the key to getting new clients. In fact, when surveyed, more than 75% of internet users said they became a client of a company because they heard about them on social media.

Yet, your clinic specializes in cleaning teeth, so the majority of your employees might not know how to best manage your social media presence. If you have someone on hand who is trained to help you, fantastic. But if not, you might not know where to start.

Fortunately, you’ve clicked on the right article. Below, we’ll give you 7 social media marketing tips for dentists.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

1. Tell a Story

Now, you might look at us like we’re a little crazy. After all, you run a dental clinic, not a panel of authors.

Still, experts agree that story remains one of the most effective advertising tools. Research has shown that when brands tell stories, they form emotional connections with their audiences.

This makes the audience more likely to buy from a company.

People appreciate stories that resonate with them. So sit back and think about how your work could resonate with your clients.

2. Remove the Stigma

Did you know that 15% of the population fears going to the dentist?

We all need our regular check-ups, but there are many out there who see the dentist as a frightening place. Do you want to know how you can combat that?

Having an interactive social media presence.

Focus your social media posts on establishing that you know what you’re talking about, but also make it engaging and interactive. Whenever possible, have an employee on hand to answer questions. This should help you gain people’s trust.

3. Expand Your Brand

As you try to remove the stigma, expand your brand.

Your brand is the image you want to portray to your customers. So, sit down and strategize about how you want to portray your brand online.

4. Use Graphics

Most people just skim through their social media.

Want to get them to notice your brand? Create an eye-catching graphic.

The graphic should be relevant to your company and your clients’ interest in caring for their teeth.

5. Create Your Own Original Content

Don’t just repost from other people.

Instead, create your own content.


When you publish your own research or articles, it creates trust with the consumer. Showcasing your content on social media, then, shows your followers you know what you’re talking about.

6. Go Live

Want to create more human connections but don’t know if you have the budget for a fancy video shoot?

Try going live. Listening to someone share something firsthand creates a human connection and draws the audience into the work. People can also engage with you on social media live streams via the comments section.

7. Don’t Forget YouTube

Dental marketing often relies on visual effects. For instance, a dentist’s office might show someone’s smile brightening.

Because of this, visual platforms such as YouTube remain effective tools. YouTube also gives you the opportunity to increase your human connection since it makes it easy for people to talk straight to the camera.

Ready to Market Your Clinic?

Now that you know some social media marketing tips for dentists, you can start on your social media marketing!

Social media has become a crucial part of businesses. They can engage old customers, bring in new ones, and foster client relationships.

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